Metabolism Experiment Kit

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470002-468KT 125 USD
Metabolism Experiment Kit
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With the Metabolism Experiment Kit, students draw correlations between organism size, oxygen consumption, and temperature.

  • Time Required: One 50 Minute Class Period
  • Excellent Introduction to Metabolic Process
  • Teacher’s Guide with SDS Provided
Students measure the rate of oxygen consumption of small organisms such as insects, snails, worms, and germinating seeds. Using Patented (U.S. Pat. No. 3,581,737) LAB-AIDS® Metabolism chambers, they observe the organisms and draw correlations between the size of an organism and the temperature of the environment and oxygen consumption. They also calculate an organism’s respiratory rate in cubic cm of oxygen per hour, measure total gas change in a closed environment, and determine an organism’s metabolic relationship to total gas in a closed environment.

The kit includes two unbreakable chambers large enough for small animals and plants. One chamber is used to measure the organism's oxygen consumption, and the other serves as a control.

Ordering information: This kit includes metabolism chambers, carbon dioxide absorbent, capillary tubes with a connecting tube (calibrated), forceps, latticed organism holders with plastic retainers, index solution (colored, vial), student data cards, and a teacher’s guide with SDS. Animal or plant specimens for testing are needed but not included.