Riester Diagnostic Kit

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Riester Diagnostic Kit
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A rheostat controls the light intensity coming from the incandescent lamps in the instrument heads, and the battery handle utilizes a bayonet for changing the multiple instrument heads in this multipurpose kit.

  • Several Instruments for Examining the Eyes, Ears, and Throat
  • Bent Arm Illuminator Lights Oral Cavity and Pharyngeal Area
  • Nasal Speculum Opens and Closes within a Wide Range
  • Rheostat Controls the Light Intensity from Instrument Head Lamps
  • Tongue Blade Holder Works with Wooden or Plastic Tongue Depressors
It includes a bent arm illuminator to light the oral cavity and pharyngeal area, two laryngeal mirrors (3 and 4 mm), May ophthalmoscope with lens wheel and correcting lens diopters from -20 to +20, nasal speculum that manually opens and closes within a wide range, and tongue blade holder that can be used with wooden or plastic tongue depressors.

It also includes an otoscope with a removable cap, three reusable specula, swivel magnifying lens, and an outlet for pneumatic testing.

Ordering information: This unit requires two C Batteries, not included.

Packaging: This unit comes packed in a hard storage case.