Ward's® Ecosystems in Distress: Oil Spill Cleanup Lab Activity

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Ward's® Ecosystems in Distress: Oil Spill Cleanup Lab Activity
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Ecology Learning Activities
A Comprehensive, Hands-On Evaluation of Mechanical and Bioremedial Methods

  • Demonstrate the environmental impact of oil spills
  • Linked to a real world scenario
  • Includes a teacher's guide
Engage students in addressing real-world issues through an investigation covering environmental science, biotechnology, and socio-economics.
In this lab students will simulate miniature oil spills with the included materials and attempt various methods of cleanup, including skimming, absorbents, and oil-degrading microorganisms.
They can then compare and contrast the effectiveness of each approach, weighing it against financial and environmental costs. The activity contains a teacher’s guide, student copymaster, and materials for six setups.
Note: Includes perishable materials. Please specify delivery date