Boreal Standard Compound Microscopes

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470014-588EA 350 USD InStock
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Boreal Standard Compound Microscopes
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Boreal Standard Microscopes feature metal construction, a rugged student-proof design, and precision optics, making them a favorite among educators.

  • Coated-Glass Optics
  • Wide-Field Eyepiece with Pointer
  • Lifetime Warranty
This Boreal microscope’s coated glass optics are parfocal and parcentered for a crisp, consistent field of view. Strategically located controls, a brass-on-steel focus guide, a 360° rotatable head for viewing from any angle, a graduated mechanical stage, and an eyepiece pointer are all standard. Made of sturdy metal, it's designed to withstand years of wear and tear.

A reinforced joint between the head and eye tube prevents stripping, and a recessed eyepiece set screw prevents tampering. A slip clutch protects gears, and an adjustable, recessed stage stop protects optics and slides. Microscopes are 141/2" tall.

Ordering information: This microscope includes a manual, a dust cover, and a manufacturer's warranty.