VWR® Micropipette Tip Reload System

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470146-224CS 420 USD
470200-714 470146-224 470200-724 470146-222 470146-156 470200-716 470200-720 470146-272 470146-722 470146-264 470146-212 470146-242 470146-178 470200-718
VWR® Micropipette Tip Reload System
Pipet Tips
Save time, plastic, and money with the Micropipette Tip Reload System.

  • Tips available in 3 different configuarations
  • Save plastic and re-use VWR® hinged rack boxes with the Reload Sleeves
  • Flip-lock boxes offer easy one-handed operation
  • Lid lip enables stable stacking
  • Tips work with most manufacturer's micropipettors
The reloading operation features sleeve alignment, which orients loading for a perfect fit every time.

The tongue and groove format keeps the insert fastened while applying tips, and the tall clip makes the insert easy to handle without touching tips with your hand.

Packaging: The Racked Tips contain 10 boxes ("racks") of 96 per pack. There are 5 packs per case.
The Reload Sleeves contain 10 inserts of 96 tips per pack. There are 5 packs per case.
The Bulk Bags contain 1,000 loose tips per bag. There are 10 bags per case.