Travelling Flammable Vapor Demonstration

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Travelling Flammable Vapor Demonstration
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
An Important Demonstration in Lab Safety

  • Can be prepped and performed in about 15 minutes
  • Recommended for grades 5-12
When flammable liquids burn what is actually burning- the liquid or the vapors above the liquid? It is the vapor that mixes with the oxygen that is burning. The vapors from the flammable liquids can also travel a long distance before reaching the ignition source. This safety demonstration should teach students why no ignition sources must be present when flammable liquids are being used.

Ordering information: Materials Include Petroleum ether, Votive candle, Metal trough. Materials Required But Not Included: Erlenmeyer flask with fitting rubber stopper, Ring stand and clamp, Matches or Butane lighter, Fire extinguisher.

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Caution: Hazardous materials.