Core-Valence-Radius Periodic Table

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Core-Valence-Radius Periodic Table
Developed by Teacher James Ross, the Core-Valence-Radius Periodic Table is a new type of periodic table designed to make learning chemistry a more intuitive process. Each element is represented by a nucleus (core), a valence shell, and an electronegativity value. The table includes rows 1–4 and families 1, 2 and 13–18 (IA - VIIIA). Size: 91.4 x 144.8cm.

Use the Core-Valence-Radius Periodic Table in conjunction with Table Manners by Jim Ross and Mike Lattner. This introductory book covers material from the introduction of the Periodic Table, metals, non-metals and metalloids, reactivity of elements, gaining and losing electrons, ionic and covalent bonding; combustion and other reactions; some simple acid/base chemistry.

Also available by Jim Ross and Mike Lattner is Table Talk. This book covers redox and oxidation numbers, covalent bonding, dipoles and polarity in small (mostly organic) molecules, acid/base properties of organic and other molecules, and more. Grades 8–11.