DNA And Its Replication Model Kit

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DNA And Its Replication Model Kit
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Students build their own eight-rung ladder segments of the DNA molecule.

  • Students Build Segments Of DNA Molecules
  • Model Can Be Unzipped for Replication of DNA Segments
  • Reusable
  • Time Required: One 50 Minute Class Period
  • Flexible Rods Twist to Show Double Helix
The set contains 12 individually packaged segments for classroom use of 12 students or teams; each segment has 16 nucleotides consisting of pieces representing the nitrogen base (four each of cytosine, thymine, adenine, and guanine), the phosphate group, and the deoxyribose sugar group plus eight hydrogen bonds.

The segments can be attached together to make a giant double helix over 2.7 M long, and can be “unzipped” to permit students to replicate their segment. The reusable, color-coded, plastic components (672 pieces) are easily assembled or disassembled.

Ordering information: This kit includes black linkage for deoxyribose/sugar groups, white tubes for phosphate groups, 4 adenine (A) in orange tubes and 4 Guanine (G) in yellow tubes for the nitrogen (purine) base, 4 cytosine (C) in blue tubes and 4 thymine (T) in green tubes for the nitrogen (pyrimidine) base, hydrogen bonds in opaque rods, student worksheets and guides, and a teacher’s guide.