DNA , RNA Protein Synthesis Kit

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470111-912KT 290 USD
DNA , RNA Protein Synthesis Kit
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This kit demystifies DNA's and RNA's connection to protein synthesis.

  • Kit Demystifies the DNA/RNA Connection in Protein Synthesis
  • Students Learn How Information Stored in DNA Is Expressed as a Finished Protein
  • Modeled Replication, Transcription, and Translation
  • Time Required: One 50 Minute Class Period
  • Teacher's Guide Included
Students construct a model of DNA, replicate it, and use half of the ladder to build messenger RNA (mRNA). Placing mRNA on a model ribosome simulates transcription in the nucleus and the movement of mRNA. Students simulate translation by matching the mRNA and its codons to transfer RNA (tRNA) and its anti-codons.

Amino acids bond to form a protein molecule, and students experience how information stored in DNA is expressed as a finished protein.

Ordering information: This kit includes a teacher’s guide, student worksheets and guides, white tubes, adenine (orange tubes), amino acids with R group, cytosine (blue tubes), deoxyribose sugars (black), guanine (yellow tubes), hydrogen bonds (white rods), peptide bonds (gray tubes), ribose sugars (purple), ribosome, thymine (green tubes) , tRNA (purple), and uracil (purple tubes).