The EarthBall

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Gaspé, Qc
Yes, I recommend
beautiful and compact - I needed a globe for my earth science class but did not have a lot of room to store it. This was perfect as it is inflatable. It is light so I can throw it to the student when they want to show something on the globe, or answer a question. It also looks very nice on my desk. There are no country outline but, for what I needed it was not an issue.
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The EarthBall
An Astronaut’s View Of the World

The most visually authentic globe available, EarthBall pictures the world as it actually appears. Created from thousands of NASA satellite images, this realistic replica features swirling atmospheric cloud cover and glow in the dark cities. Because the inflatable globe is so lightweight, it can be tossed around the classroom for closer viewing and later deflated for compact storage. Includes a teacher’s guide with games, activities, and educational resources. Size: 16" dia.