Egg Race and Crash Track

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Physics Teacher / Physics Teacher / Detroit, MI
Great Kit. However, it does not come with enough of the little green straws. I need more of these, and just these only. And I do not want to spend $40 on a refill kit for just green straws.
Reply associate Published 02/21/2018
Thank you for sharing.
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Egg Race and Crash Track
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Fun Experiment to Illustrate Motion and Dynamics

  • Includes materials for building cars, racetrack, and instructions.
  • Refill kit with supplies to build 100 cars.
Design and build a paper car to protect your “Humpty Dumpty” from harm. Students use knowledge of momentum and friction to construct a vehicle that maximizes performance while cradling an egg and keeping it in one piece. Using the included racetrack, students test their models with a speed race and crash test. The winner of the race achieves the fastest speed without having to put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again.
Includes materials for building cars, racetrack, and instructions.