Food Nutrient Analysis Kit

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Food Nutrient Analysis Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Biochemistry Learning Activities
This kit identifies five classes of nutrients.

  • Activities: Testing Common Foods and Discussing Conclusions
  • Students Quantitatively Determine Nutrients in Foods
  • Estimated Lab Time: One 50-Minute Class Period
  • Team-Centered Activity
In this kit, students perform and standardize tests with pure samples of nutrients. Working in teams, students identify and test for five classes of nutrients: sugar, starch, lipid, protein, and Vitamin C.

Once students complete their tests and make observations, they discuss their conclusions on the results, controls, and samples that showed no reaction.

Ordering information: This kit includes a teacher’s guide with SDS, student worksheets and guides, glucose, vitamin c, protein, starch suspension, vegetable oil, fat-testing solution, protein testing solution a, protein testing solution b, sugar-testing solution, vitamin c-testing solution, starch-testing solution, and test tubes. A hot-water bath, a large sheet of cardboard or dry-erase board, and a white screen are needed but not included.