Geoblox Groundwater Models

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Geoblox Groundwater Models
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Excellent for Tactile and Visual Learners

Students can gain hands-on experience by building their own models from the copymasters in this book. All of the models in this set have been drawn to scale without vertical exaggeration, so students can better visualize the landforms being studied. The models include porosity and permeability, primary and secondary porosity, infiltration, groundwater zones, water table, saline-water encroachment, landfill, lowering water tables, disappearing stream, depression spring, fault spring, contact spring, joint spring, tundra polygons, pingo, artesian aquifer, cavern formation, geyser, effluent stream, influent stream, and perched aquifer. Each of the 27 models in this set contains a description on the back of the model and instructions for assembly. The set of patterns is comb bound and can be used as a copymaster to produce enough for your entire class or you can enlarge the patterns and use them as demonstration models.