Geology Demonstration Kit

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Geology Demonstration Kit
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In the Geology Demonstration Kit, a variety of activities explain a number of geological formations to students.

  • Study Guide Provided
  • Featured Terms Include Syncline, Anticline, and More
  • Nonflammable, Erupting Volcano
  • Three Simulated Rock Formations
  • Activities Explain Geological Formations
Hard-to-define terms such as anticline, syncline, horst, graben, and lava flow are clearly demonstrated with flexible, colored foam strips, three simulated rock formations, a watertight demonstration tray, and a nonflammable, erupting volcano. The kit comes with a study guide that includes illustrated instructions for all activities.

The landform size is 21 x 2¾ x 6 ½". The tray's dimensions are 21 x 5½ x 2½", and the volcano is 6 dia. x 2¼".