Natural Selection And Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Kit

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Natural Selection And Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Kit
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Model The Effects Of Antibiotics On Disease Causing Bacteria During Infection

  • Demonstrate The Importance Of Taking Antibiotics As Prescribed
  • Re-Create The Interactions Of Antibiotics With Bacteria Populations
  • Time Required: One To Two 50 Minute Class Periods
Demonstrate the importance of taking antibiotic prescriptions as prescribed with this simulation kit. Students re-create the interactions of antibiotics with bacteria populations, with some groups completing the entire course, while other groups miss doses. The populations of more and less-resistant bacteria are then graphed for comparison, and students observe the selection of more-resistant bacteria that can take place if antibiotic treatment is intermittent or discontinued.

Teacher’s Guide with SDS
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Transparency: Bacteria Graph Sample 1
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