Pop Beads

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College Station
Yes, I recommend
Spare centromeres are super - I don't know how the freshmen manage to break centromeres, but they do. It is good to know I can order just the magnetic centromeres and not the whole pop-bead chromosome kit, if centromeres is all I need. Not so great: the magnets can fall out. They can be glued back in if you get to them in time, but usually the students just lose the pieces.
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Pop Beads
Models Human Biology Models
These white pop beads with four extra holes, equally spaced in a 90° plane from the axis of attachment, are typically used to form the nucleotide backbone. Size: 10 mm dia. Package of 300.

Pop Beads
Size: 10 mm dia. Packages of 300.

Pop Bead Connectors
Simulate hydrogen bonds. Package of 100.

Magnetic Centromeres
Package of ten.

Clear Centrioles
Package of ten.

Build your own genetic models with these 5-hole pop beads. Holes are equally spaced in a 90° plane from the axis of attachment. Beads are typically used to form the nucleotide backbone.