Ward's® Pregnant Shark Model

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I've had one of these models for almost 13 years now and it is still in great shape and useful for our pre-dissection activities. The kids can pass it around and refer to the model when we're doing the dissection as well as when we are labeling the diagrams during our dissection or assessments.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 01/18/2018
Thank you for sharing! We're happy to hear this model is still in great shape after so many years!
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Ward's® Pregnant Shark Model
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Clearly Displays Over 100 Anatomical Details

  • Highly Durable Rubberized Material
  • Common Dissection Organs Highlighted
  • Easily Cleaned And Stored
Ideal for pre-lab preparation, demonstrations during dissections, hands-on learning, or review, the life-size dissection model provides an exceedingly realistic representation of shark anatomy. Cast from a real specimen, the model features a pup with yolk sac in the uterus. It also shows the mouth and pharynx; a dorsal view of the eyes, brain, and cranial nerves; branchial circulation; a ventral view of the viscera and circulatory vasculature; and the trunk musculature in lateral and cross-sectional views. Each model is made from unbreakable materials and is painted by hand to ensure the finest detail possible.