Solar Furnace

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No, I didn't recommend
Contains two plastic pieces: the reflector, shiny blue but not a mirror, and a clear plastic that might be the base. Not included: hardware to connect items, the copper receiver, arms to hold the reflector and copper cup. The directions for assembly are limited and the diagram does not match the parts.
Reply associate Published 05/24/2018
We are sorry you received an incomplete Solar Furnace. Thank you for making us aware of this problem. We'll gladly ship you with the missing pieces. Also we have contacted our supplier who confirmed that the base is plastic and the dish is a mirrored plastic. If you ever experience a quality issue again, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately @ 800-962-2660 so that we can remedy the problem right away.
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Solar Furnace
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Not every student fully appreciates the power of the Sun.

This compact furnace can demonstrate how hot sunlight can get. The 31cm diameter parabolic reflector concentrates sunlight on a copper cup that is painted black. In full sunlight, temperatures can reach more than 150°C.

When placed in sunlight align the shadow of the receiver with the center of the parabolic mirror, or concentrate the sun’s rays directly on the copper receiver. Refocus the receiver every 10 minutes to keep the sun’s rays directly on the receiver.

Ordering information: Includes: teacher’s guide.