Ward's® Chemistry Solubility Tube Chemistry Demonstration

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Ward's® Chemistry Solubility Tube Chemistry Demonstration
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Two Demonstrations, One Convenient Kit.

  • Students learn to hypothesize and observe
  • Easy for the whole class to see
This tube demo teaches about solubility, intermolecular forces, hydrogen bonding, and density. Students observe what can happen when two liquids are soluble (miscible) in one another. As the two liquids become one solution, the volume changes and creates a discrepant event that will challenge your students previous knowledge. Can they explain why the "air bubble " appeared? Can they hypothesize what is inside this "air bubble?" In the next part of the demonstration, an inorganic salt is added to this solution and it magically separates back into two separate solutions. The addition of food coloring makes the initial and final two layers even more visible for a great introduction to solubility and solutions. Renowned teacher developer, Tim Graham, has partnered with Ward's® Chemistry to bring you an exciting new series of colorful demonstrations. Each innovative demo is conducted in a large 30" demonstration tube, so the entire class can clearly see the chemistry in action.

Ordering information: The glass demonstration tube is sold separately. Materials included are Food Coloring, Potassium Carbonate, Ethanol. Materials Required but Not Included: Glass Demonstration Tube (9400210), Labware