Speed Gun

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North Reading,
No, I didn't recommend
Limited Use - I hoped to use this as a demonstration tool in class for speeds of someone walking or for falling objects. This speed gun has difficulty picking up objects other than a fast moving ball or car, disappointing.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 09/27/2013
We are sorry that you are disappointed with this product. This product has a minimum detection speed of 6 mph, so in order for it to work properly the object being measured would have to be moving at that speed at least. We will work on making this specification more clear in its description.
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Speed Gun
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Simple, Fast, and Fun

  • Easy point-and-shoot operation
  • A large, clear LCD display
Students are fascinated with speed. Unfortunately it is often tough to measure. This unit uses Bushnell Velocity to measure speed. This device is the ideal tool for tracking everything from racecars to pitching speeds — track the speed of a ball from 100 feet or a car up to 200 mph.