Tuttnauer™ Programmable Benchtop Autoclave

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Tuttnauer™ Programmable Benchtop Autoclave
Dry Sterilizers Autoclaves (Steam Sterilizers)
Safe and Convenient Sterilization

  • Completely automatic with sterilization time up to 59 minutes
  • Requires no special plumbing
  • Temperature selection from 221 to 279°F (105 to 137°C).
  • Includes 4 stainless steel trays
The self-contained water supply makes it easy to control steam purity; and labware, porous materials, and liquids each have their own one-touch sterilization programs. Adjustable temperature, time, and pressure settings are displayed on the digital LED. It is constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel and features a low water signal, visual and audible alarms if the sterilization cycle is interrupted, as well as a heat-insulating double locking door that cannot be opened while chamber is under pressure. Weight 29.5 kg.