Your Circulatory System

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Your Circulatory System
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Human Biology Learning Activities
The objective of this set is to develop in students an understanding of the role of the circulatory system, the composition of blood and the circular path of the circulatory system.

It also provides strong visual evidence of the relationship between structure and function of the various organs comprising the circulatory system. Set contains ten identical sets of eight photomicrographs, ten instruction texts, ten student worksheets and a reproducible teacher’s guide. Elementary and middle school grades.
1. Human Blood – sm. – Stained (480x)
2. White Blood Cell – Electron Microscope (25,000x)
3. Artery and Vein – xs. –Stained (35x)
4. Capillaries in Lung – xs. – Injected (360x)
5. Rat Heart – ls. – Stained (4x)
6. Rat Heart – xs. – Stained (6x)
7. Valve of Aorta – ls. – Stained (8x)
8. Sickle Cells – sm. – Stained (100x)