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Everyday Essentials for Everyday STEM Lessons

Introducing Ward's Science Essentials: Convenient, cost-effective kits for teaching essential STEM skills


Everyday Essentials for Everyday STEM Lessons

Essentials by Ward's Science are cost-effective, ready-to-teach activity kits that include must-have science supplies and flexible activity guides for teaching a variety of 5-8 science topics with STEM applications.

With simple, easy-to-follow activity guides paired with easy-to-use materials, Essentials by Ward's Science kits help students:

  • Experience
    Immersive lessons create real-world scenarios in the classroom, helping students see the role of STEM in everyday life.
  • Collaborate
    Group-driven activities and challenges foster teamwork and build leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Make Connections
    Cross-curricular content reveals tangible examples of how science, technology, engineering and math work together to solve problems.

And help you...

  • Save Time
    Get everything you need for a complete, collaborative STEM lesson in one kit.
  • Save Money
    Affordably priced to help you make a big impact on a small budget.
  • Cover Curriculum Essentials
    Easy to incorporate into your lessons with a variety of topics, subject areas, and grade levels.

Get the Essentials

  • Available for Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, Math, and Engineering
  • Most kits include materials for 15 student pairs; Select kits are single/small-group demonstration

Earth Science

Description  Item Number 
Ward's Essentials Igneous Rocks  470226-462 
Ward's Essentials Sedimentary Rocks  470226-464 
Ward's Essentials Metamorphic Rocks  470226-466 
Ward's Essentials Basic Minerals  470226-468 
Ward’s Essentials Modeling Geological Core Sampling 470231-280


Description  Item Number 
Ward's Essentials "A Bone to Fix"  470227-118 
Ward's Essentials Clearing the Water  470227-120 
Ward’s Essentials Spacesuit Challenge 470231-276
Ward’s Essentials Drones in the Sky 470231-284
Ward's Essentials Architecture Challenge 470231-278
Ward's Essentials Design a Coated Pill 470231-274

Life Science

Description  Item Number 
Ward's Essentials "How Much DNA?"  470227-324
Ward's Essentials The Ins and Outs of Diffusion  470227-162
Ward's Essentials Green Glucose Production  470227-320
Ward’s Essentials Crawling Color Walking Water  470231-282



Description  Item Number 
Ward's Essentials Pythagorean Theorem Puzzle  470225-372 
Ward's Essentials Magic Blocks Kit  470225-374 
Ward's Essentials Spiral of Theodoris Kit  470225-376 
Ward's Essentials Trig Puzzle Kit  470229-064 

Physical Science

Description  Item Number 
Ward's Essentials Catenary Arch Kit 470225-366 
Ward's Essentials Torque Feeler Kit 470225-368 
Ward's Essentials Carpenter Center of Mass Kit  470225-370 
Ward's Essentials Catapult Kit  470225-378 
Ward's Essentials Trebuchet Kit 470225-062 
Ward's Essentials Endothermic Reactions Kit 470225-904 
Ward's Essentials Exothermic Reactions Kit 470225-516 
Ward's Essentials Chemiluminescence Kit 470225-518 
Ward's Essentials Paper Chromatography Kit 470225-520 
Ward's Essentials Thin Layer Chromatography Kit 470225-522 
Ward's Essentials Properties of Polymers Kit 470225-524 
Ward's Essentials Acid Bases and pH Kit 470225-526 
Ward's Essentials Physical and Chemical Properties Kit 470225-528 
Ward’s Essentials Magnetic Slime Kit                          470231-158
Ward’s Essentials Human Circuit Kit 470231-160
Ward’s Essentials Architecture Challenge 470231-278
Ward’s Essentials Walking Waters 470231-282


Send Us Your STEM Questions!
Need help incorporating STEM lessons into your science classroom without breaking the bank? Looking for easy-to-use materials to teach a particular STEM application or topic? Our in-house team of STEM education experts is here to help.

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